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5 pepper blend relish sauce inspired by Ghanaian and South African flavours


1019 Relish Sauce is the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry. Our signature 5-pepper blend is made with all-natural ingredients, and is bursting with flavour and the right amount of heat. Whether you’re looking to add a kick to a recipe or liven up a dish, 1019 Relish Sauce is sure to do the trick. Enjoy as a meal enhancer, dip, cook-in sauce and marinade. We guarantee that every bottle of 1019 Relish Sauce is hand-crafted with quality and freshness in mind.

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1019 sauce literally goes with ANYTHING. I hosted friends to my house for good chats and off course a cheeseboard was featured. Not only that, we added some "heat" to the board with 1019 sauce for those that prefer some chilli on their crackers with some black pepper cheese from Woolies, I cannot explain how absolutely mouthwatering this combo is. We had two choices of the Mild or Hot sauce and they were both winners.
Jessica Katane


This sauce is my go-to hot sauce for its versatility. It's a delicious blend that I found to be very useful as I experimented a whole lot with it in a variety of dishes. Cook-in sauce, condiment and marinade, I've done it all with it. My current favourite recipe with it is on my signature Beef tongue as a marinade and served with a mushroom sauce over it.
Cosmos Chipepo